Like many cities, Brescia has grown over time, absorbing numerous minor settlements, and Borgo Trento hasn't lagged behind.
Since 1995, the Trattoria Porteri has operated next to the same family delicatessen that dates back to 1875 in this city's historic quarter with unbroken devotion from four generations.
Let's call it "the door of time" for a trip back in time, with exposed stones and rocks, hanging pottery, scattered copper pots, and wood everywhere. It is simple but refined, welcoming but never ostentatious, traditional but with a strong contemporary appeal, and it tells us about typical Brescia cuisine.
"Chèl che pass él convent" is a must-have item on the menu that includes salami and cold cuts, cheeses, homemade pasta, meat and lamb, and polenta is never short. This is all done to capture the atmosphere of the house.


Trattoria Porteri
Via Trento n°52,
25128 Brescia (BS)
Tel: 0039 030 380947