The perfect, dream-like romantic retreat. On the southern side of Sorrento’s coast lies Recommone bay, not too far from the Marina del Cantone. Accessible by boat or by taking a long, wending walk, an intimate space rests opposite the Faraglioni cliffs, rising from the deep blue sea. Of humble origins, the Tizzani family turned this location into a haven for true connoisseurs. Boasting delicious seafood with fresh fish caught in the bay and cooked directly on the grill, it does not get any fresher than this. And, to be fair, if the ingredients are as good as these, there is no need for leaps of creativity. A select and refined wine menu complements the culinary offer. What better way to end a meal than booking one of the rooms at La Conca del Sogno – the perfect excuse to enjoy the breathtaking view even when the day tourists have returned to their hotels.


Ristorante Conca del Sogno
Via Amerigo Vespucci 25, Nerano
80061 Massa Lubrense
T.: +39 0818081036