Siehlfeldstrasse, Zurich; the menu does not boast typical dishes such as Geschnetzeltes or Rösti. Rosi is a Bavarian enclave in Switzerland’s capital where Markus Stöckle, a chef born on the Allgäu’s hills, celebrates traditional Bavarian cuisine with a modern twist. In other words, no sign of Lederhosen nor Dirndl, Bavaria’s traditional folklore clothing items. What you will find are ancient and typical recipes with a modern flair. Our favourite meals are the Kartoffelkas, a creamy mass of potatoes with cumin and coriander seeds; Backhendl, chicken stuffed with veal. And the menu’s showstopper: stuffed goose neck with pork. All meals are prepared with skill and precision as, after all, Markus Stöckle learnt the ropes under Heston Blumenthal himself. Another restaurant favourite is the ‘Spatzl’, a Sunday brunch, featuring a Frühschoppen, Bavaria’s typical, hearty breakfast and many other delicacies.


Restaurant Rosi - Zurich
Sihlfeldstrasse 89, CH-8004 Zürich
Tel.: +41 442916825