Italo Pedroni is this inn’s legendary host. His somewhat gruff, yet sweet, demeanour is well-received by guests – for example, he lets everyone know smartphones are not accepted on the premises. Guests should focus on eating and not staring at a phone! A bit odd, sure, but all is forgiven and forgotten upon tasting his delicious tortellini – absolutely divine! The pasta is smooth, light on the palate, and the tortellini filling is to die for, as is the stock. Italo is rarely seen at the restaurant nowadays, as his son Giuseppe manages the Osteria following his father’s tenets. His mother is still the de facto cook, ensuring all meals are prepared according to traditional recipes. Guests can savour tortellini in all shapes, forms, and fillings and should try the Lambrusco-soaked chicken and traditional balsamic vinegar omelette. Both the Lambrusco and the Balsamic Vinegar are homemade products. The Acetaia Pedroni is one of the main producers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. The Acetaia is right next to the inn and is open for tours. At the end of your meal, try a glass of Nocino, another great homemade product.


Osteria di Rubbiara
Via Risaia 2, 41015
Nonantola (MO)
Tel.: +39 059549019