Le Cementine is an establishment with an urban and exotic charm unlike any other. The light bathes the halls through their large windows, looking out onto the garden, the vineyards, the vegetable gardens – and at night times the shadows and pools of light create a unique ambience. A location where technology and rustic charm unite, a modern inn and bistro where open spaces bathed in light are the main theme. This is where Alberto Toè, barely in his thirties, from San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso) offers a feast for the eyes and the palate. Pupil of Andrea Caminada, Nuno Mendes, and Norbert Niederkofler, Alberto’s cuisine strikes the perfect balance between youthful energy and innovation. Tasting is believing.


Le Cementine
via Sile 6
31056 Roncade (TV)
Tel 0039 0422789539