Charles Dicken more than a century ago wrote: "" Nowhere in the world are there so many occasions of delightful quiet as on this small island. " As then, even today we can rejoice in this ineluctable truth. From the Faraglioni to the Salto di Tiberio, to the shining sea of Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, this Capri is an invitation to relax, to the Dolce Vita dedicated to the enjoyment of the beauty of nature.Adding beauty to beauty, overlooking the rocks above the Grotta Azzurra, the restaurant "Il Riccio" is suspended over the sea, unique for its informal setting and at the same time cared for by the contrasting colors between blue and white.Fish is the king of the kitchen, delicately decisive in its simplicity, nothing fresher is available for the raw seafood plateaus with truffles, or for the Black Pearl oysters, or for those of Gillardeau. If you want to surprise yourself, with the Room of Temptations there is still a real amusement park for sweets, a table laden with every good to eat without dignity.

In the end all that remains is to decide on how to get there by sea or by descending from Anacapri .. have a good holiday!


Ristorante “Il Riccio”
Capri Palace Jumeirah
Via Capodimonte, 14
80071 Anacapri (NA) - ITALIA
tel : 0039 081 9780111