Devetak: not exactly the closest of places – located high up in the Carso range, between Italy and Slovenia. However, it is well worth the trip. Owner Augustin Devetak is an exceptional host. Devetak is a family-run business in the true sense of the word. Gabriella, Augustin’s wife, prepares the meals supported by one of their daughters, while the other two help out respectively in the dining room and managing a farm where most of the ingredients used for the mouth-watering dishes come from. The menu reflects the areas’ multicultural heritage and boasts meals from Friuli (escargot skewer from Gorizia, Cod dumplings, or the famous “Bollito”), Slovenia (Selinka soup, Snidjeno testo dumplings with hare ragout), and Austrian meals such as the Liptauer, fresh cream cheese with peppers, or herb Spätzle. Head into the cellar with Augustin for a great surprise. Devetak is home to true jewels from Friuli, as well as rare labels from Piedmont and Tuscany. If you have raised your elbow a bit, fear not – you can always stay the night in one of the inn’s rooms.


Gostilna Devetak
Via Brezici 22, 34070 Savogna d’Isonzo
Tel.: +39 0481882488