You do not find inns like these any longer. Tourists are few and far between, but this traditional pub outside Florence’s busy centre is like a beacon for gourmands. Paolo and Andrea Gori feel at home in their inn, which was opened by their great grandmother Irene at the start of the 20th century. She used to cook for travellers from nearby cities. The original interior still feels welcoming, and the long counter in the entrance takes centre stage. Here you will find newspapers and select food such as cheese, sausages, prosciutto as well as a great selection of wines. Andrea Gori is, after all, one of the most well-known Italian sommeliers. Enter the inn proper through an old glass-panelled door, take a seat, and prepare for traditional Tuscan meals. Andrea’s brother, Paolo, is amazing in the kitchen. Pasta e Fagioli, Ribollita, Pappa al Pomodoro, Pollo, Arista di Maiale or Peposo, cooked as though they were prepared by nonna Irene herself, And do not forget to try their amazing steak! Andrea Gori will always find the right pairing for his brother’s meals, adding his own insider tips as well. Well worth the visit!


Fiaschetteria Da Burde
Via Pistoiese 154,
Tel.: +39 055311329